Vintage Shopping at the Haight

San Francisco, USA

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Flora Tsapovsky

No longer just a hippy magnet, the Haight has some of the best vintage stores in San Francisco - and a very chic restaurant to celebrate all your shopping at. Plunge into a world of 20s dresses, old denim and timeless charm.

Handsome Oxford

Designed in the best traditions of "rugged chic", this indeed handsome place specializes in classic American clothing, from camo sweatshirts to the good old jeans button-up. The staff could easily be featured in Kinfolk magazine, and will help you pick the perfect faded jacket.

Sui Generis

This is a designer consignment – their women's and men's locations are within walking distance – some prices are too high but some are just right for a mint and authentic Dior, Dries Van Noten, Margiela, Chanel or Marc Jacobs. And they have seasonal sales. The interior is super stylish and all items are color-sorted. They also offer shoes and accessories so if you wear standard sizes M and 8, enjoy almost endless choice. If they have nothing in your size, console with a scarf, a bag or glasses.

Mission Thrift

Mission Thrift is a treasure trove – a great selection and prices – they have designer names, vintage and consignment. Visitors are also diverse - tramps, yuppies, Hispanics, old folks and students – all ages and classes looking for clothing. If you are lucky you'll walk out with bags of one-of-a-kind outfits for a price of a Starbucks cappuccino. They also sell shoes and assure they sanitize them before putting on display. Be ready to search and fight for precious stuff and don't give up!


Some say if Urban Outfitters were a thrift store it would look like Wasteland. The place sells vintage and new stuff and everything is matched pretty well. It's more expensive than other thrifts, but the stuff is better. With some luck your very first visit may end in a fab dress at a ridiculous price accompanied by a jacket and shoes or you can waste half of the day and leave empty-handed. It's one of those places.


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