Lazy day in Noe Valley

San Francisco, USA

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Flora Tsapovsky

Noe Valley, a secluded quiet neighborhood bordering with the Mission and Castro, is the perfect place for lazy, aimless indulgence. From high tea to toys, this day is to be taken slow and easy.

Griddle Fresh

A long, anticipating line of brunchers is the Griddle's trademark. Unrelated to the general adventurous spirit going on in the local scene, Griddle serves hearty, classic brunch dishes, such as salmon tartines and smoked beef hash, along with fragrant coffee and great company. Don't let the simple wooden tables fool you - the food is fresh and inventive, even if the artwork on the walls isn't.

Noe Valley Salon

The locals love the salon's facials and admire the hair styling team, and for a good reason. Without fancy designs, shady promotion deals or much hype, this quiet place simply delivers great pampering for males and females in need of a brow tint, a cool haircut or a back treatment (very popular!). The owners, Carla and Nicole, are sometimes around, making everyone feel welcome. Erin, the hairdresser, is especially on demand.

Omnivore Books

Browsing through cookbooks is almost a meditative activity. Omnivore, a foodie destination, has a dazzling selection of new and vintage cookbooks from all around the world, and if you're lucky you might just stumble upon a cool event, such as a book signing or open cooking class. If not, just go to the magazines and get yourself aquainted with the new Lucky Peach or Kinfolk edition.

Lovejoy's Tea Room

Full of natural light and smiling faces, Lovejoy's is perfect for a lazy afternoon of tea drinking, scone devouring and daydreaming. The decor - cuteness and calm, the staff - super friendly. Whether you order one of the tea services or go for a sausage roll, with a side of shepherd's pie, you'll instantly feel classy and European, and also very full. The scones here are also heavenly - crumbly and buttery to the max.

Just For Fun & Scribbledoodles

If you want to feel like a kid again, this store is for you - tons of board games, toys and silly gifts will great you upon arrival, and the helpful staff will shower you with riddles, puzzles and tricks. Try not to waste all your day here, that's our advice - but don't avoid a friendly sudocu challenge or the occasional puzzle battle - you might make some new frends.


One of the Valley's numbered bars stays consistent over the years and proves to be a great, albeit early, drinking gig. It's a simple place with no frills, but the beer on tap is always local and surprising and the atmosphere is neighborly and loose. As the quintesential "local" spot, the House will serve you food close to closing time, and won't kick you out if you deside to linger.


There's no place like Nopa, and the neighborhood folk knows it. The cozy bistro, open "till very late" by SF standards, hits just the right note between California and the Midwest, offering juicy pork chops and dressing them with wild rice and grilled broccoli. Sit by the bar and make sure to introduce yourself to the bartender - party favors are pretty much guaranteed


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