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San Francisco, USA

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Sasha MOW


Casanova's name is no cheating – pictures of sexy nudes are indeed on the walls though no Casanovas or Don Juans can be spotted among its frequenters. Whom I met were youngsters – gangs or managers sipping their Fernet on a hard day's night.

Beauty Bar

The bar could be easily confused with a vintage beauty parlor and they even have a nail guy to do you nails when you fall asleep in the bar. One of their bartenders looks like a thousand nights genie - ask him for some magic - he can fire breath which is quite impressive. The place serves beer or strong drinks -don' t ask for cocktails of more than two ingredients - the genie will not love it. (as no SF bartender actually ). So go for gin and tonic, whiskey/ cola or beer - Anchor Steam is always a good idea.

Edinburg Castle

The venue often hosts theme parties like The Beatles or Elvis night or the 1960s dress-up. This castle-imitating bar offers lots of beer on tap, a great lounge and a stylish company. The smoking room has a piano you can play if you have an urge. The place knows the law and serves no booze after 2 am so come around 10-11 to have your drink and chat. Don't stay late the neighborhood is not safe - if you leave early you can get more fun in the nearby Polk Street.

Elbo Room

There is a local joke that in Elbo Room (pronounced like 'elbow'), there is no place for elbows – the bar is quite small and always crowded. The first floor hosts daily live concerts (from punk to electro) – check out the event calendar at the entrance. The common thing here is to get heavily wasted while socializing, and then to go play arcade games like Pacman and other hits from the 90s. The admission to the ground floor is free. As for the first floor events, you'll have to pay $5-15 depending on who is performing tonight.

Local Edition

A perfect place to dress up – live music, original cocktails (about ten signature mixes depending on how strong you like it). You can spend some thirty minutes waiting by the bar but it will be worth it. Regulars are couples on a date, start-up managers and those tired of pleated -shirts -and-chinos hipsters. The main street location doesn't guarantee safety so better take a taxi. Drunk tourists are an easy target.

Magnolia Pub and Brewery

Magnolia Pub and Brewery is set in Hight Ashbury, a neighborhood inhabited by grown-up hipsters who eventually transformed into vipsters. The bar offers various types of local and seasonal beer and cider, as well as all-time favourites like Anchor Steam и Guinness. It is the first stop on the bar hopping route for many locals and a nice place to watch American football. Reasonably priced, the bar is a must-visit if you wish to take a fancy for beer.

The View

The View got its name for its panorama - located at the 39th floor of Marriott it offers jawdropping sights. It's almost always opened but the view has its price. And don't forget about dress code not to feel underdressed. The Main Street area where the bar is located is all about fancy places so try visiting them all in one evening to go to relaxed beer joints afterwards. The View is a calm place with lounge music and people enjoying the view at their tables.


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