An insightful day around Duboce Triangle

San Francisco, USA

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Flora Tsapovsky

Between Market st., Duboce Park and Castro is a triangle that's rightfully called a neighbourhood. Packed with interest and the home of one of San Francisco's most adorable parks, the Triangle is prefect for a day that starts with reflection and ends with a cooking class.

Duboce Park Cafe

A favorite local hangout, this bright place is always packed with laptop-clad freelancers, toddler-clad moms and just people taking a break from the city's hectic pace. The menu is fresh and does breakfast brilliantly - try the satisfying egg sandwich or the curried chicken sandwich, and make sure to order one of the best cappuccinos in town.

Duboce Park

Defined as a "dog park", Duboce is so much more than that. Smaller than the Golden Gate, lacking the touristic attractions of Alamo, it's just an elongated patch of greenery and relaxation - perfect for sitting and watching the world go by. Sure, there are dogs running around, which makes for a great opportunity to get up to date on the latest pets accessories.

Harvey Milk Photo Center

The humble center is dedicated to the gay right activist Harvey Milk and managed by loving volunteers. Inside the tidy building on the edge of the park you'll find exhibitions, materials about photography and a dark room one can rent hourly. Events and parties happen on a regular basis, with the crown spilling into the park. Come read a book on local photography artists or just meet friendly locals who are crazy about their job.

Books and Bookshelves

Surprise! Inside this furniture store is a world of poetry and culture, unbeknown to an accidental stroller. The store specializes, besides chair and well, bookshelves, in small-press poetry books by local authors and publishers, and there's art to look at and literary events to attend. The owner is super-friendly and the prices are lower that average, so it's a great find.

Swedish American Hall

A little architectural gem in the middle of already amazing architecture, the Hall deserves some wandering and picture taking. Built in 1907 and designed by noted Swedish architect August Nordin, it has been a focal point for the local Swedish community. A grand ballroom, plus many secret rooms, make for a cool destination and if you're lucky, you'll be able to catch a musical performance.

Chef Joe’s Culinary Salon

Joe, a chef with a good sense of humor, might have a last name, but it's all on first-name basis; his homey and entertaining cooking classes are intimate as they are informative. By signing up online, you can take a tapas class, learn how to make "global hot pockets" such as pierogis and empanadas, and spend an evening with a bunch of foodie strangers. After the class, the food is yours!


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