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Flora Tsapovsky

Living up to its reputation as one of the US' most vibrant music scenes, San Francisco offers an eclectic mix of tradition and ambition, history and innovation, blues and electronic vibes.

Amoeba Music

One of the Bay Area's legendary music stores, Amoeba not only has a great selection of hard-to-find, rare records, but also a variety of musical guests - some of San Francisco's leading musicians have played low-key gigs here while customers were shopping.


You say Haight-Ashbury and remember the summer of 1967 – then some 100,000 hippies from all across the US came here for sex, drugs, rock and roll and freedom. Though years have passed some hippies still live here and are easily taken for SF homeless. It's the best shopping and strolling destination – quite charming and not so crowded. There are lots of vintage clothing stores (dig in if for a rare find) as well as music and bookstores.

The Filmore

The venue that saw Jimmy Hendrix and Janis Joplin make history is still going strong and hosting live music shows almost nightly. The lineup varies from electronic DJs to up-and-coming bands and the drinks are not as overpriced as other places. Check the website for future gigs, but stop for a drink if only to look at the historic walls.

The Great American Music Hall

Even if you're not into Americana and country music, you must visit this historic venue. Look at the woodwork, check out the carpets - renovations aside, they've been around since 1907. Besides a variety of acts, from honkey-tonk to bluegrass, the Hall has an old-timey dining area with decent hamburgers and beer on tap.

The Saloon

Rumored to be 'San Francisco's oldest bar', the Saloon stays open late and delivers an unforgettable mix of hippies, old-timers, tourists and savvy locals who love the atmosphere. The music of choice here is blues, but surprises occasionally occur, and dancing is frequent and wild, no matter the age.


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