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Flora Tsapovsky

San Francisco is deep into the coffee craze. Quality pourover, imaginative drinks, fresh beans, top-notch design and boutique pastries are a staple at some of the city's best coffee shops - and WiFI, so you can spend the whole day working and people watching, is a pleasant bonus.

Wreckingball Coffee Roasters

A tiny, hole-in-the-wall place is a pleasant stop while touring the Marina neighborhood, especially if you're into pineapples - the wallpaper here is a cult item by now. Coffee wise, hand-crafter pourover is a house specialty, made of in-house roasted beans. Coffee snobbery at its best.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Yep, this is the place with the Instagram favorite, the neon 'I got baked in San Francisco' sign. It is also the home of the cruffin, San Francisco's answer to the crounut. The muffin-shaped croissant pastry, filled with heavy and delicious creams, is worth the trip alone, but make sure you sample other delicious creations.

The Mill

A parlor of white marble and wood, The Mill became a local institution in an instant. Along with the excellent coffee and the airy, chic space (no outlets, so plan your laptop time accordingly), The Mill if famous for its 4$ toast and divine pastries - and you can buy a tempting loaf to go.

St. Frank

Partnership with a local favorite roaster Ritual Roasters and clean, relaxed design make St.Frank a bright spot on Polk street. The bright, no-nonsense coffee shop serves nothing but great coffee, with just enough room to hang out for a second and keep exploring the city.

Jackson Place Cafe

Don't come here for the coffee - it's average. The setting, however, is anything but - the coffee shop is located in the courtyard of a historic building in the Financial District, where you'll be surrounded by start-up entrepreneurs and cute graphic designers. Plus, palm trees and brick walls make an irresistible backdrop.

Four Barrel Coffee

All locals are devotees of some coffee shop. Four Barrel Coffee is among top three local favorites. The idea behind the place was to make it a community center, a co-working and a chat spot. Organic coffee and nice company is a bonus. You know you're a frequenter when barista starts calling you by name and you don’t need to order.

Sightglass Coffee

The venue is part of the so-called Third Wave Coffee trend when coffee shops use top artisanal beans not commodity blends, roast them light and use alternative brewing like siphon. SF and another eight cities of the Bay Area are American roasting centers so enjoying your morning cup be sure it's organic, roasted in small parties in the city and thus almost unique. The interior is also great - a two-storey loft airy and spacious, the style is laconic minimalism with industrial wood, concrete and iron and plenty of secluded tables. The second floor has a great view on the entire area. Very calm and relaxing.


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