Pamper-yourself day at Marina/Cow Hollow

San Francisco, USA

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Flora Tsapovsky

Unofficially known as "yoga mat central", this prospering neighborhood is everything you want out of life and more - yummy restaurants, chic shops, good looking people, and of course, tons of yoga and manicure opportunities. Do these people ever work? Instead of wondering, join the hype and throw yourself a day of pampering, wandering and stretching between Union and Chestnut.

The Plant

You can't be local and not love organic, sustainable and green - this mini chain, a San Francisco gem, knows it well. The Marina branch is packed and bustling with sporty types and young hipsters, moms and couples - everyone's after the big salads, the strong (and honest!) coffee and the smoothies. The weekend brunch is especially popular.

Benefit Cosmetics & Brow Bar

A bow bar, a huge make up boutique, a pink-and-girly shopping experience - Benefit is so good at all of it. True, it's a world-wide chain, but given the fact Benefit was founded in the city, you can't get better than that. The atmosphere in the Chestnut branch is especially festive, with all those young moms and yoga chicks trying the newest lipstick shapes and the sales-women flirtatiously peeping out of the windows.

My Roomate's Closet

Out of all the posh (or sporty) stores along Filmore and Union streets, this is on the more affoedable scale. They call themselves an "outlet" for a reason - designer names and exclusive brands are sold at suspiciously cheap prices, and the 20$ rack can't be missed.


One of the city's most beloved studios, Zazen offers a whole bunch of pampering for the body and the soul - flotation, meditation classes, Thai Massage, acupuncture and much more, in a carefully designed minimalist surrounding. A neighborhood staple and a serious treat.


The bright, bubbly Italian restaurant is a must-stop for a very simple reason - the food is simply divine. Sit along a communal table and let the menu lead you - delicious scallops, sumptuous salads and thin-crusted, crunchy pizza straight from the wood burning stove. A touch of sparkly Cava is inevitable, and highly recommended.

Fort Mason

The former military outpost is now a cultural center, overlooking the bay and offering endless opportunities to have intelligent fun. Check out a book sale, a concert or an exhibition, or listen to some fine poetry - this huge center has something for everyone.

Precidio Theater

This small, quality theater is part of the Lee Theaters franchise, and it acts and feels like an art-house. An old-timey feel is thanks to the size, but the films are down right mainstream - grab a seat and feel like a teenager again, as the selection tend to the family-oriented and feel-good movies.


Stylish decor, good looking folks, creative sushi - this is a typical night at Umami, the restaurant that recently started the successful Umami Burger franchise. The menu hits every foodie note with great precision - sashimi, tartar, sliders and postickers compete with the innovative, fresh sushi. The price is reasonable for the neighborhood, too.


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