Mission Dolores Park

San Francisco, USA


Sasha MOW

Its location offers the best downtown view – the park is squeezed between the hip Valencia Street and the queer-kingdom of Castro. So here you can meet families on a picnic or drug dealers who know everyone in the neighborhood and offer pastry with a surprise. If you dare, try chocolate truffles with pot sold by the local celebrity The Truffle Man, who is fooling around with six copper trays with the six-flavor treat. But be careful – the stuff is strong. Getting high is not quite legal but getting a marijuana license in SF is easier than buying aspirin.
The park is split into three zones - The Beach gay area on the top of the hill off Castro, the hipster spot down right and the family zone down left. A San Fran family is usually a couple and a dog, and in the city canines outnumber kids twice and the average age of residents is 21. The place also hosts various events like the best dog costume contest, movie nights or DJ sets.


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