Ike’s Place

San Francisco, USA

Sasha MOW

Some say they have the best sandwiches in the US. As Frisco is all about lines for yummy food in case of Ike's Place waiting is justified. They make the freshest sandwiches right in front of you ¬¬¬– you will wait minimum 15 minutes. They offer about 50 kinds of sandwiches, for meat-lovers, vegetarians and vegans. The “predators” should try their signature one with bacon, Jack cheese, salsa, ham, fried mozzarella fingers, onion rings, pastrami, roast beef, salami, jalapeno peppers and turkey. The most filling and enormous subs (the elbow-to-arm length with everything possible inside) cost $20 while regular ones are $10. They are all delicious, it's just the matter of the size.


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