Humphry Slocombe

San Francisco, USA


Sasha MOW

San Francisco is the culinary experiments capital, which means you should try organic, seasonal ice cream and sorbets in Humphry Slocombe. Their flavors can seem weird - olive oil, beetroot and caramel, salt and pepper, strawberry and rhubarb, vinegar and caramel - about a dozen combinations daily. The place is a big foodies' destination and its owners have even published a book of their recipes. Humphry is not a chain so head to the hippest SF area, spend at least half an hour in a line but believe me - you won't regret it. Their hit is Secret Breakfast (Bourbon, cornflakes and vanilla). Eat it inside if you don' t fear crowds or a taxidermied two-headed calf mounted on the wall, or go outside if you do.


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