Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco, USA


Sasha MOW

Golden Gate Bridge is SF number one must-see. This beautiful mist-covered red bridge is also top destination of suicide planners from all over the world (one of them was the founder of Victoria's Secret) – some 12 people a month end their lives jumping off the Golden Gate. Better admire it from outside especially on a hot sunny day, which is a rare case in the city. Go to Baker Beach for a stunning view and perfect pix. If you still want to get on the thing – bike the bridge– rent the vehicle for two hours at Fisherman's Wharf and ride along a nice and safe bike lane but remember about a crazy climb-up before getting on – once you are there you can ride back or make a U-turn and take a motorboat to the wharf where you took the bike, hop on a tram and carry on with your city tour.


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