Vintage Shopping with Brian Procell

New York, USA

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Ася Горбачева

Brian Procell is the NYC vintage guru and owner of Procell store with the best selection of the 1990s outfits. You can easily spot Drake of Cara Delevingne shopping for Wu Tang T-shirts or Moschino tops here. His friends are Opening Ceremony and V-files and he consults Supreme brand. Brian has kindly agreed to share his vintage digging tips.

Gimme! Coffee

Gimme! Coffee has a huge fan community. It's a small coffeeshop chain with a few branches in NYC and across the state of New York. Here they hire the most professional baristas and employ state-of-the-art roasting technologies. The result is probably the best espresso, capuccino and cold coffee in town.

10 ft Single by Stella Dallas

A nice store with the 1950-80s stuff. They have great finds both for girls and boys. The selection is really impressive - the 1970s colorful printed dresses, checked shirts, leather wastecoats, denim jackets and cowboy boots. Deep inside the store, there is a separate room with the rare 1940-50s vintage which is way more expensive than the items in the main hall.

Crossroads Trading Co

This store also takes stuff for resale. It buys clothes in good condition from New Yorkers who bring here what they don't wear any longer. Crossroads Trading Co is worth visiting for good deals on designer clothes and very inexpensive mass market items.

Buffalo Exchange

Luckily, Buffalo has several NYC locations – East Village, Williamsburg and Chelsea. The idea is simple – grab your favorite but not so often worn stuff, empty your closet and get some cash or exchange for a new outfit. No documents or receipts – Buffalo stylists will do the appraisal. The shop is frequented by trendy and hip youngsters who know everything about relaxed and stylish look. In Manhattan you'll find electric and rather elegant stuff while Williamsburg is a heaven for hipsters and punks. I recommend both locations – massive bags guaranteed.

Urban Rustic

This place is urban and rustic at the same time, as the name suggests. It offers a good choice of sandwiches,burritos and salads for reasonable prices. Urban Rustic is a great hipster deli, a nice choice for breakfast or lunch in Williamsburg. It is very Brooklyn-relaxed and perfect for people spotting.

Momofuku Milk Bar

Momofuku Milk Bar is a candy store started by the owner of the famous Momofuku Restaurant. It specializes in cookies, for instance, they offer somewhat unique "compost" cookies – a mixture of sweet and salty ingredients, like pretzels, chips, chocolate and granola. Apart from cookies, you can treat yourself to cakes, milkshakes, and milk and cereal ice cream in summer.

Cure Thrift Shop

A must-go just to see an extravagant installation-like display. Looks like a friend's apartment.

Metropolis Vintage Apparel

The staff here do follow the trends - the other day they sold rock'n'roll style items and Pendlelton outerwear, now you can get yourself a silk jacket with colorful prints resembling the 1990w Chanel and Versace collections. They always have lots of old-fashioned dresses, unique T-shirts and great biker jackes. The owners know what they sell, that's why the stuff at Metropolis may seem a bit overpriced.

Village Style

This small vintage store is worth visiting because of its affordable Americana clothes. It boasts a great selection, each item rarely costs over 30 bucks - high-wasted Levi's, leather wastecoats, cowboy and army boots and jackets, cotton dresses, checked shirts and American Uni printed sweatshirts. Rarer finds like very old leather jackets or furcoats in good condition make an exception and are usually more expensive.


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