Perfect Summer Saturday in the Big Apple

New York, USA

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Ася Горбачева

Parks, a bike ride, the city’s best ice cream, a brunch on the terrace, open-airs, street food... Sounds attractive, huh? All of this together is a plan for an ideal sunny day off in NYC.

South Street Seaport Marketplace

This is a real oasis amid the urban jungle. You may grab a fine sandwich here, have a couple of pints in a small beer garden, walk the shops and catch a movie in open air when the evening wears on. As for the meals, the primary focus here is on truck food, where everything is cooked before your very eyes. In the morning, go to Carpe Donut Truck to enjoy fresh doughnuts and coffee.

Governors Island

Once you crossed the river by ferry, you have to pay $2 to get to the famous island, which used to be a key military base. Today, it features a beautiful park with a great view of Manhattan and Statue of Liberty, where you can sunbathe on the beach or hide under the shade of trees while having a picnic. Rent a bike near the pier to see all the sights and beautiful spots of Governors Island. The place is perfect for a bike ride also because it is free of cars. If heavy traffic in Manhattan makes you feel uncomfortable, riding here is absolutely safe.

Castle Williams

In the 19th century, this famous fort was used to protect the city from naval attacks. In the 20th century, it became a prison, and later on it was transformed into a community centre. Today, it is a museum with a stunning view over the island and Manhattan. The fortress is located in the northern part of Governers Island, close to the harbor. To get on its rooftop, take the free tickers an hour prior to the beginning of the excursion. While waiting for it to start, take a bike ride across the island.

Cafe Mogador

This Moroccan cafe is especially busy on weekends. The brunch menu offers something more unusual that traditional pancakes or bacon and eggs. For instance, you can order a goat cheese, spinach and tomato omelette or eggs Benedict with spice, which is hard to find in traditional American restaurants. Finish the meal with a refreshing mint tea.

Tompkins Square Park

This is the biggest park in East Village, being though still very compact. It has a rich history. Formerly, poor immigrants, who worked at the factories in the western part of the city, lived here. They went out on strikes and riots against unfair labour conditions. During the Vietnam War, anti-war demonstrations were held in the park. Later on began the era of drugs and crimes, homeless riots and rock festivals. Due to dramatic gentrification of the neighbourhood in the 1990s, the symbol of social instability and injustice turned into a cosy green field with flowers, a basketball court and a dog walking area. Nowadays, young pairs hang out here with their children, while in summer pretty girls use the spot to sunbathe.

MoMa PS1

Unlike its Manhattan counterpart, PS1 houses more extravagant and experimental art. Located in a converted Queens public school it's rather a forum for young and bold artists than a museum. It can host up to 30 shows at one time. Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for kids. You can enjoy one-month free entry with MoMa ticket. The place works from 12 to 6 pm Thursday through Monday.

Upstairs at the Kimberly

The venue is part of the Manhattan hotel culture - so are the visitors. Financiers frequent the place after work, Sex and the City lovers drink Cosmo and European tourists make pictures. However, this does not challenge the charm of the place, nice cocktails (Rum Service with rum and pear is the most popular) and good cuisine. If you feel hungry, you will be offered a wide range of appetizers from mini-burgers with lobsters to crispy artichokes with Parmesan. The 360-degree view of New York has its price however – a cocktail costs $18 dollars.


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