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Natalia Malihina

NYC never sleeps so make the most of it. Dress up and explore the City's nightlife – our guide to nightclubs will give you a hand.

Top of the Standard

NYC hotels often become party venues and The Standard is no exception. Its bar is famous for hip parties and prices (cocktails start from $20). The entrance is free, but the place is hard to get in – your outfit and style will be your pass. The crowd is somewhat snobbish, picky and not easy going at all – don't mind this. The gem of the bar is a panoramic view of NYC and Hudson – the best Manhattan sunset experience guaranteed.

Le Bain

Located at the Standard Hotel and not that hard to get as Boom Boom – just be neat and sober. The crowd is friendly and welcoming – mostly young artists and not that many rich kidos. A place to meet with friends, booze up and dance under the best sets of sneaker-DJs Bobbito Garcia and Kim Ann Foxman.

Tibeca Grand Hotel

The destination is prominent for its super funky parties and design. Exclusive and lavish, it's not vulgar and perfectly matches a nice atmosphere. Events are not that advertised, so better check them in person – this maybe the party of your life. Prefer week-days – Sats and Suns the place is packed with New Jersey and the suburban crowd that can spoil the night.

The Jane Hotel

The decor and design is great as well as the bar. Oriental interiors, vintage furniture and bold colors come with an astonishing cocktail selection and a five-minute walk to the nearest subway. The room price is also luring – $99 and you have a place to nap after a crazy night.


A new hip spot for NYC young and rich. Entry is free but the place is hard to get, the same as Boom Boom. A great venue to show off and watch others. Don't be surprised to bump into Rihanna – she is a frequenter.

No Name Bar

A super cozy place in Greenpoint, really popular with Brooklyn hipsters and artists. The bar may seem small but a huge backyard is just awesome. Its trees, lights and wooden swings create a home-party vibe. The food is great – I recommend their beef brisket soup. Prices are quite nice for NYC, drinks start from $4 and food from $8.

Hotel Chantelle

Located in the historic Lower East Side it has this beautiful tradition of hotel parties. Thursdays the place is packed with hipsters dancing to local DJs. Glamorous guests and nice lounge music make the venue really trendy. Their popularity is boosted by a great selection of affordable cocktails and beers (beers from $5-7 and cocktails $12) and a rooftop view of the Williamsburg Bridge and Hudson whose water reflects Manhattan city lights.

The Iridium

In the middle of Times Square madness, this music venue is so intimate and atmospheric – first, they serve great food (try their Carficio Terrine with artichoke, avocado and lemon), play grand jazz, blues, rock and country and the place was frequented by solid-body electric guitar inventor Les Paul. The interior displays the history of the guitar from Gibson and Telecaster to cutting-edge Japanese Ivanez.
A great drinks selections, especially scotch and bourbons. Drinks start from $10 and entrance is $50.


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