Everything Trendy and Well Forgotten Vintage: Shopping in the City

New York, USA

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Natalia Malihina

Shopping in NYC is a blend of super trendy designer brands from all over the world and thrift stores, which are a real treasure trove for your wardrobe and interior.

Cure Thrift Shop

A must-go just to see an extravagant installation-like display. Looks like a friend's apartment.

Housing Works

A chain of Manhattan thrift stores, with my favorite 17th Street location. Old books, beautiful antique furniture, vintage hats and brooches and this movie-NYC vibe. No photos are allowed, but who cares about the rules?)

West Elm

Location matters – the best one is in the 18th. The vibe is great – folks greet one another, bring their dogs, staff roller blades around and you feel at home not in some chain store. The place is good to buy furniture and stuff for home and kitchen.


French style – what else can I say?! Flawless minimalism and super handsome staff. Pop in just to see these guys.

Club Monaco

One of my shopping darlings. Only natural fabrics, neural colors and perfect quality. Their cashmere and silk is beyond reproach. My favorite location is in the 22th Street.

Buffalo Exchange

Luckily, Buffalo has several NYC locations – East Village, Williamsburg and Chelsea. The idea is simple – grab your favorite but not so often worn stuff, empty your closet and get some cash or exchange for a new outfit. No documents or receipts – Buffalo stylists will do the appraisal. The shop is frequented by trendy and hip youngsters who know everything about relaxed and stylish look. In Manhattan you'll find electric and rather elegant stuff while Williamsburg is a heaven for hipsters and punks. I recommend both locations – massive bags guaranteed.

Pippin Vintage Home

It's just wonderful. A narrow corridor with antique mirrors will bring you into a cozy outdoor yard with old chairs and tables. Go farther, ring a small bell, get inside and admire the stuff. The place is owned by a nice middle-aged guy who is beaming with every customer even if you are just browsing.

Comme des Garçons

They flagship Chelsea location is easy to miss – no sign or windows. The place is like a spaceship, quite extravagant even for today to say nothing of 1999 when it was opened. Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo who is behind the brand was the first moving a fashion boutique to Chelsea, far from top designer destinations, saying "Most people think we're crazy — it's the ends of the earth. But we hope it will become a destination for shoppers."
Inside it looks like a brick-walled ghetto garage and reminds of a white egg. Get in through a shiny aluminum tunnel – a custom work of a British dock. The wall textures are rough brick and smooth glazed enamel and clothes and perfume are displayed on steel and cast iron. It's so impressive that the prices don't seem that high. And you can always get a perfume smelling of frankincense and tar.

Beacon’s Сloset

One of my favorite shops in the City. It offers vintage (and not so) stuff – a thrift store where things have kept tags but not prices. They also have lots of nice jewelry by local designers. I used to go to Williamsburg location in Brooklyn – the neighbourhood is great with its funky people, cafes and boutiques. Another Beacon's is between the 5th and the 13th.

Century 21

You'll get lost in their selection of designer clothes. Here you'll understand the meaning of the word discount so be ready to spend the whole day. The lower Manhattan location has a great bonus of nearby highlights.


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