The Factory

New York, USA


Marina Yurcheva

Andy Warhol's core project and creation was The Factory – a studio he initially rented to work on paintings and movies but which later became an artistic hangout – models, amphetamine lovers and artsy folk of all kind, whom the pop art idol dubbed as superstars. The inventor of mass-produced objects, Warhol engaged his guests in his art – the same as conveyor belt workers in factories.
The studio changed three locations in two decades. The original one was a small venue between 231 East street and 47th Street – it cost only 100 dollars a year.
In 1968, it moved to Union Square, to the sixth floor of the Decker Building – where the majority of Andy's films were made and French feminist Valeria Solanas tried to shoot him in despair of failing to become one of his superstars. After this Warhol had to wear a surgical corset till death.
Now the studio can be seen from Union Square.


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