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Irina Kikina

London's clubs, where punk, new wave and the majority of today's electronic music was originated, are thriving today. Your impression of the city will be incomplete without visiting at least 2 or 3 of them.

The Alibi

Of all the clubs in London, perhaps The Alibi is my favorite. I liked it as it was two years ago when it just opened. The club was unfinished and dirty, but with a very cool atmosphere and the best parties in town.
The Alibi was started by the promoters of Real Gold with the money earned from the management of the pub Macbeth. When it hosted the first parties, the walls were still unpainted, it was dirty and dusty everywhere, but the audience in those days was much nicer. Today at The Alibi you can meet black men in caps and guys in city suits, such adjacency often ends up with fights right on the dance floor. But just a year ago, you could bump into a DJ Matthew Stone and musician Douglas Mccarthy.
Entrance to the club is free of charge, but there is usually a long waiting line. On Mondays they reel free movies .

The Waiting Room (the former Drop Club)

This club accommodating 130 people is set in the basement of The Three Crowns pub in Stoke Newington. Aside from going to concerts there I also arranged my own More Than Ever parties at the club. All kinds of music events and even poetry readings take place there. Music is played from folk to EBM. The coolest parties are Endurance, The Thing and A Love from Outer Space. The place is next to Church Street packed with pleasant bars, cafes and restaurants. The Waiting Room has no sign at all, just like when the club was called The Drop. So you need to locate The Three Crowns pub and head to The Waiting Room down in the basement.


A new club in the heart of Dalston, which opened January 26 of 2012. A pretty dark and unusual place, which is slowly becoming one of the main spots in the area. The slogan says: "Go deep, respect no limits". So far not very many musicians have played there, but the expectations are pretty high. There are two dance floors, and a restaurant, managed by a pretty famous chef Elaine Chalmers. Many interesting parties are being planned to be thrown there by top promoters.


One of the hardly legal clubs of Dalston. Hosts parties regularly, mostly playing disco, italo and electro. You can smoke inside, which is quite unique for London. The club is attended by mostly hip audience. We could say that Passion is an alternative to the cheesy Alib.

Notting Hill Arts Club

Once it was an elite club in west London close to Portobello. Now the situation has changed. In Notting Hill Arts Club they play almost all styles and trends, even dubstep. Sometime ago the girls from the band Client were running in the club their parties. The place is also known for initial providing a platform for DJ performances of now such stars as Courtney Love.
Admission normally costs £5-7.

The Oto Cafe

The Oto Cafe is famous for its super intelligent public, as well as the concerts and parties with alternative music. This eatery is located next door to Arcola theater. During the day you can have a meal or drink coffee, and in the evening - listen to live music, attend grand opening of art exhibition or presentation, and later - to dance. Perhaps this is one of the few places in London where concerts take place every day, and almost every Sunday - for free. Apart from its incredible selection of drinks including organic juices, coffees and teas, The Oto Cafe serves beer from its own small brewery and under the company label.


A large club near Angel tube station, a few steps from Islington Metal. Owns three dance floors and a huge chill-out space with food and slot machines. It used to be the main venue for city raves and industrial parties. The club hosted Bangface Festival for several years. At that time it was dirty and grim, water dripping from the ceiling. But it was still the best place for raves ever. Renovation turned Electrowerkz into an ordinary club which plays all kinds of music.


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