Fright Night London - The best Places to be this Halloween

London, Great Britain

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Harriet Wiseman

From poetry to horse-drawn carriages, Hitchcock to house music - whatever your taste in entertainment we are sure to have the perfect Halloween event for you! London loves a dip into the dark and has a rich history to explore throughout this scary season.

Richmond Park

The largest, remote and wild London park and therefore looking unlike all the others. Not very easy accessible, it is located in the South-Western London. But its district - Richmond – well deserves a visit. The Thames on the outskirts of the city is not like a river in the center: the overgrown shore pubs with benches on a sunny day - the crowds with a pint of beer on the beach at low tide and rowing competitions. The main advantage of Richmond Park is the deer. There are three types of them here: red-tailed, white-spotted and brown. They walk in herds and jump out of the fern five meters away from you. It's true. Everything else - the lake, the woods, rabbits, cafes, golf – all of that is not important. The deer are certainly worth a 40-minute tube ride.

The BT Tower

The BT Tower is a striking looking building in the heart of the West End; it stands 191 meters high (if you include its amusing looking antenna) and was famous for its revolving restaurant at the top. It is now no longer open to the public however on one-off occasions a lucky few can have access to this interesting piece of London’s architectural history. The tower has the largest 360 degree LED display of its type in the world comprising of 529,750 light arrange in 177 vertical strips.

Greenwich Market

Greenwich market was established in 1737 and its savvy survival can be pinned on two principles: being able to trade in all weather due to its roof, and only allowing high quality stalls. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays it is all about the antiques and stalls selling collectables. On Wednesdays and weekends the vibe turns distinctly arty with craft vendors and designers taking over the space. A personal highlight are the traditional artisans who will write your name on a grain of rice in the most beautiful cursive script I have ever seen.

The London Dungeons

The London Dungeons is an infamous London attraction that recreates gory and macabre events from the Capitals dark past. There are rides, live actors and special effects with an emphasis on interactivity with the audience. It is suitable for a younger audience although it is always worth taking the online test on the dungeon’s website to check that it is something that you will enjoy. Over 18’s might like the late-night events in which visitors are regaled with ghost stories and surprises whilst sipping on gin and tonics.

Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens

In the 18th and 19th centuries Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens was a hub of entertainment and a successful arts venue. The Vauxhall trust want it to be that way once again and have been curating an exciting program including seasonal festivals and one-off events to celebrate the vibrancy of Lambeth and bring back arts into the heart of its community. Previous attractions have included poetry, music, dancers and fireworks with all of them being free to attend.

Keats House

Keats House is a grade 1 listed building that is open to the public as a museum and literary centre. The Romantic poet wrote much of his memorable works here and the vibrant events program reflects this passion. You can explore his bedroom and the very garden in which ‘Ode to a Nightingale’ was composed. It is open in the afternoons from Tuesday until Saturday, however for their special events it often stays open much later. If you are a poetry enthusiast then this is a must visit destination with inspiration never too far away.


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