William and Kate's Guide to London: Top 10 Locations

London, Great Britain

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Places in the British capital where you can meet a prince or feel like a princess.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is not the main place for the wedding ceremonies in Great Britain (for instance, Prince Charles and Lady Diana got married in St Paul's Cathedral). It became popular to host the Royal weddings only in the XX century, and Queen Elizabeth II was married there, as well as few other Princes and Princesses. Prince William and Kate Middleton also chose it as the place for their wedding on April 29th of 2011. There were 2000 guests at the ceremony. The bride's wedding dress was designed by the British designer Sarah Burton, who is the creative director of Alexander McQueen House. The engagement ring that Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with is the ring that Prince Charles gave to Lady Di. It was created by Garrard House.

Kensington Palace

One of the royal residences, where Princess Diana once lived. The one that will soon become the official home to Prince William and his spouse. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will move into the apartments of 200 rooms once inhabited by Princess Margret (the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II). The Kensington Palace is open to the public. You surely won’t be allowed into Kate and William’s apartments, but you can at least see dresses from the collections of Lady Di and Queen Elisabeth II.

Richard Ward Salon

If you want Kate Middleton's curls she had on the day of the official engagement, visit Richard Ward on Sloane Square. This hairstylist is favorite among the celebrities. After the Royal engagement Richard has published an official message on his website congratulating his loyal client. Styling at the salon will cost you about £80-100, manicure is around £50-70, and the best one to get for that price would be a special pink one, called Princesses Rule.


A club in the trendy South Kensington, where booking a table costs from 500 to 1000 pounds. For this considerable amount you will sit side by side with some British pop diva or even Prince William and Kate Middleton; as for Prince Harry, paparazzi are sick and tired of photographing him at Boujis. Inflated prices for drinks, well dressed crowd, and generally fun atmosphere - if you decide to pop in at this place, it is better to book a table in advance or arrive early and look presentable, because close to midnight at the entrance there will a waiting line of those eager to get inside.


A club in Mayfair with an atmosphere of tropical paradise as its trademark. Waitresses with fresh flowers in their hair and skirts made of reed leaves, bamboo branches labeled "Aloha" serving as an entrance to the place, and a huge selection of cocktails, fresh juices and fruits available at your request. The latter are mainly served in sets for 6 or more persons and have exotic names, such as Pearl of the Seas, Lovers' Cup, or Treasure Chest. Although a drink will cost only 10-20 pounds, for a set you will have to fork out ten times more.
The place is known as a favorite club of many pop celebrities as well as Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry and his girlfriend who have been seen there several times. Though you won't see ordinary people at Mahiki, the face control policy is claimed to be soft and friendly, so if you're willing to shell out, try your luck on Thursday, when the parties here are the most fun.


A trendy restaurant on King's Road in London's Chelsea. There, they make modern British food using farm produce, with pretty reasonable prices. Your lunch without drinks will cost about £ 20-26, dinner from the menu will be a more expensive (lobster starts at £ 30). Kate Middleton and Prince William often dine in Bluebird on their way to Boujis Club, which is just 15 minutes from the restaurant, or after shopping on King's Road, at The Duchess of Camrbidge's favorite shops.


British brand that carries women's apparel, where Kate Middleton worked as a jewelry buyer in 2007. Cute everyday dresses from £70 to £200, nothing high end. It's easy to imagine Prince William's wife wearing any of them. The store is located on King's Road, that's where Kate could be spotted shopping most often.


An elegant British brand, that sells very well across the world. It got its unbelievable popularity after Kate Middleton wore Reiss's white dress Nannette during the engagement photo shoot. After selling out of the first run, the brand released another one right away. A cocktail dress like that will cost you about $300 in Reiss. For the complete experience, go to the store in Chelsea, across from Jigsaw. That's the one Prince William's wife visits most often.


A restaurant in Mayfare, specializing in seafood with renowned offerings of oysters and crab. The owners emphasize that the fish that is being served has been responsibly caught from sustainable sources. Beluga and black caviar are priced at £150-300. A russian oligarch or Keira Knightley could be dining next to you. Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge have been spotted in Scott's by the paparazzi multiple times.


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