Vyner Street

London, Great Britain


For the last 40 years Vyner Street has had a crucial influence on the lives of many wanna-be artists. Murky factory premises that are now occupied by numerous galleries (the street is practically crammed with them) have been here since the middle of the XX century, when after the WWII the street was turned from a dormitory suburb into an industial hub. You can often hear from the art community that the glory of Vyner Street has long faded, and maybe it is somewhat true, but it is still a place you simply must visit. Pop into Degree Art gallery that trades inexpensive works by beginner artists. Don't miss HADA Contemporary, promoting famous South Korean artists that are hardly known abroad. On the other side there is Cultivate, selling prints and street art. And most important, go all the way to Wilkinson gallery, a building in the end of the street with huge black gates – most popular venue working with world-famous artists. Try to get here on the first Thursday of a month and stay until 6p.m., when all galleries open their doors for visitors and a real open air party begins.


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