Vivienne Westwood’s World’s End

London, Great Britain


Olga Steb

It is one of Vivienne Westwood’s best-known shops. Now they sell clothes from a classic “World’s End” collection. Here you can find the glorious “mountain hats” designed in 1980s and made famous again by Pharrell Williams. They also finger shaped shoes. The interior reminds of a Mad Hatter’s house: the wooden floor binds in all directions, and you will never stand on a flat surface, and outside there is a clock with hands rotating both ways like crazy. The boutique has a rich history: it was opened in 1970 by Malcolm McLaren, the famed Sex Pistols manager, who started dating a then-unknown girl Vivienne Westwood. Originally he sold vinyl and second-hand clothes, but after less than a year the first designer clothes by Vivienne appeared on its shelves. The boutique was renamed Let It Rock. It became truly famous in 1974, when the named changed again to a simple and provoking Sex. The design broke all social taboos, exposing nudity and making prints with scandalous figures, such as infamous playwright Joe Orton. Current interior was created at the end of the 80s by Westwood and McLaren themselves. At certain point Sid Vicious used to work here as a shop assistant. It’s up to you whether you will buy something or not (prices are high, but could be even higher), but paying a visit is a must.


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