Vintage Magazine Shop

London, Great Britain


Olga Steb

This shop is heaven for melomaniacs and fans of 1960s and 1970s cinema, as well as the Golden Age of Hollywood, as hinted by a huge poster of Humphrey Bogart greeting the customers at the entrance. On the first floor they sell postcards with actors and musicians of the past, teacups with humorous inscriptions, pictures and quotes from iconic movies and TV series, as well as badges, spoons, drink coasters and other cute kits and bits. Also here you will see a large collection of silent films posters and a whole section dedicated to painted posters for Sci-Fi "B" movies. It's worth checking out a selection of T-shirts with entertaining prints that is constantly restocked. The entire ground floor is occupied by vintage magazines – hence the name of the shop. Here you will find magazines on fashion ant politics of the XIX century, music magazines from the 1960s and all sorts of other publications. This is the most lively part of the shops, as new magazines arrive on a regular basis, fans track the supplies and buy up the most interesting stuff within minutes. You can spend hours going through endless boxes.


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