Gordon’s wine bar

London, Great Britain


Harriet Wiseman

Wine and cheese is a match made in heaven and Gordon’s Wine Bar has been expertly pairing them up since 1890, making London’s oldest wine bar. They have a great selection and are thoughtful in the way that they couple the flavours together, plus the prices aren’t bad either. Walking into the bar is like stepping back in time, the walls are covered in old newspaper cuttings and further in, the cellar is lit only by candlelight. Due to being so unique, Gordon’s is the perfect place for any occasion - it is a romantic for a date, sophisticated for meeting family members and is lively enough for a catch up with old friends. It holds a special position in the history of London as both Samuel Pepys and Rudyard Kipling both lived in it at different points, with Kipling penning his novel ‘The Light that Failed’ during his stay. Other food is available if you are not a big cheese fan and there is a great array of ports and Madeira if fortified wine is more your thing.


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