The Whispering Gallery in Saint Paul's Cathederal

London, Great Britain


Harriet Wiseman

Sir Christopher Wren built this beautiful building between 1675 and 1710, after its predecessor was destroyed in the Great Fire of London. Saint Paul’s is an iconic piece of London architecture however, what not many people realize is that there are many hidden treasures to explore within it, the most prominent being its Whispering Gallery, situated at the top of the Cathedral underneath the dome. Climb the stairs and discover the phenomenon first uncovered by Lord Rayleigh in 1878, that if you quietly speak into the wall on one side of the building, it can be whispered into your friend’s ear over 100 ft away! You will have to purchase a ticket but this also allows you access to the Stone Gallery and the Golden Gallery, places that you do not want to miss, as the views and peace that they have are breathtaking. It is always worth ringing beforehand just in case there is a service on as the Cathedral still acts as a working church with Mass and religious ceremonies, so there may be occasions when it is closed to the public.


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