The Old Thameside Inn Pub

London, Great Britain



Next to the pub there is a replica of the Golden Hinde, a ship that took sir Francis Drake in his successful tour around the globe in the XVI century. During the days the ship is open for excursions, and tourists can even spend a night aboard to see what it was like to be a medieval sailor. In the evening the ship looks marvellous and can be best observed from a terrace of The Old Thameside Inn pub. The pub occupies the building of an old spice processing facility near the famous Clink prison that existed in XII-XVIII centuries. Now it is a torture museum, not a particularly exciting one, but its presence certainly adds to the impression of the area. The Old Thameside offers a good choice of ales and lagers which make up its main feature. The place has an extremely pleasant laid-back atmosphere and is so large on the inside that you might want to walk around it before finally settling at a table.


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