The New Taayabs

London, Great Britain


Nathaniel Hancock

They say, The New Tayyabs serves the best tandoori curry in London. Even if you come on Monday, you cannot escape the line, but you can speed up the process if you have an attractive female next to you. Everything about the restaurant is good, especially the prices. Definitely try the kebab mix, lamb chops, the hot tortilla, and the yogurt drink lassi. Vegetarians also have room to roam: among the different kinds of curry there are definitely some vegetarian ones, for example, with eggplant. The staff works very quickly and skillfully, but will try to get rid of you fast as well, even if you are not done with you food yet, since there's a huge line outside. The restaurant only accepts cash. You can bring wine or any other alcohol with you, since they don't have a liquor license.


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