The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

London, Great Britain


Harriet Wiseman

Nothing quite warms the cockles of the heart as much as a secret adventure, all those clandestine glances, whispered codes and running through fridge doors really do get the heart rate up. “Fridge doors?” I hear you say? In the basement of the Breakfast club on Artillery Lane hides a secret bar, full of candles, cocktails and ciphers. At the Breakfast Club entrance you must whisper to the waitress that you are “here to see the Mayor”, she will then give you a silent signal when it is safe for you to jaunty through the giant Smeg fridge door and venture down to The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town. This bar is small but full of character, it boasts the world’s second smallest disco and the whole escapade is sure to warm your hands whilst putting a smile on your face.


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