The Drapers Arms

London, Great Britain


Nathaniel Hancock

A gastropub with a garden in the luxury district of London, Islington. I have been working here for over two years and I am very proud of our menu, service and friendly atmosphere. There aren't that many gastropubs in London that keep their brand fresh and remain popular, exploring and developing seasonal English cuisine. We prepare food from sorrel and nettles, seafood and fowl. Here's a favorite story about the pub: the owner's friend is a hunter, who often brings fresh rabbits, we cook them for him, and also add them on the menu for everyone. One of my branded recipes was born out of this tradition – deep fried rabbit, exactly like KFC chicken. The Drapers Arms is located next to Essex Road and trendy Upper Street, where we go to chill after a double shift. We also host the best Sunday get togethers, the Sunday Roast. It is a very important English tradition: to come to the pub on Sundays with your family and friends and eat a whole roasted chicken. For dessert you can have a traditional English pudding. One of the most popular – sticky toffee pudding.


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