The Corner Room

London, Great Britain


Nathaniel Hancock

A trendy restaurant inside the boutique hotel Bethal Green Town Hall offers splendid cuisine, reasonable prices and a beautiful interior. The Corner Room is literally a secret room: you would have to ask the portier for directions not to get lost on your way there. The cuisine is ideal, not only will you get pleased with it, but also experience all innovations of modern cooking, at very reasonable prices: appetizers - £8, entrees - £14, dessert - £5. The restaurant is the younger sister of the Michelin rated Viajante, which is on the ground floor of the same building, and is very popular in East London. The Chef, Portuguese Nuno Mendez, came up with the menu and the concept of The Corner Room. The mixture of styles and textures is his trademark. He skillfully flips traditional ideas about Japanese, South African, Tai or Portuguese cuisines.
To skip the lines, I recommend arriving there before 8 pm. It's safer to order expensive wine, since Argentinian, the cheapest one, could be a little heavy.


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