Сlink Hostel

London, Great Britain


Irina Kikina

Clink Hostel is located in the city center, next to the King’s Cross train station. If you arrived here from Paris by train or going to, let’s say, Amsterdam after stopping in London – this is the best lodging option for you. This is also the best hostel for girls. The rooms have a hair dryer, a luxury for a low cost hotel.
There are two hostels in London. The one called Clink 78 takes a former courthouse with 200 years of history. The owners take it light-hearted and are more than happy to utilize the cells previously used to imprison suspects. Clink 261 is based in a more modest building. This is a true backpack hostel where guests are sitting by the fireplace sharing stories about their travel experience. Booking two-three months in advance is recommended.


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