Shacklewell Arms

London, Great Britain


Olga Steb

The 1990s kingdom of jazz and Caribbean rhythms. The interior still has old colorful tiles and stone vaults but music is modern indie. At first glance, the place looks weird – shabby, with some stupid X-mas decorations in the middle of May and people that don't look like trendy hipsters waiting for their fave indie band. But appearances can be misleading. The club's cutting edge facilities include a huge hall with the capacity of 200 people where Pulp, The Horrors, Toy and Mark Ronson play, as well as young but popular bands. Here you always have a chance to see a band that will be super hot in two years. The place is also the “headquarters” of NME music magazine, which hosts its parties and press calls here. And go to their patio to find your music idol – it’s a favorite spot for a fag and a pint between gigs.


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