Proud Chelsea Gallery

London, Great Britain


Olga Steb

A gallery where you can find most famous photos dedicated to fashion and cinema: Paul Newman, Audrey Hepburn and Mick Jagger will be looking at you from the walls. There are pictures by Barry Latagan (the man who made popular the Twiggy model), Brian Duffy (remember that David Bowie photo with a lightning bolt on his face from the cover of Alladin Sane album?), Ken Regan (he followed the Beatles in their tours), Pennie Smith (she’s the one who took a canonic photo of Paul Simonon from the Clash smashing hisbass guitar), and many others. They often have temporary exhibitions dedicated to ballet, cinema or fashion. If you want to learn something special, ask a gallery manager – they will gladly tell you the story behind each photo. Besides, there is a good chance it is somehow connected to the Chelsea district.


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