Pelicans and Parrots

London, Great Britain


Irina Kikina

For those who didn't master the art of digging through charity shops, and who doesn't have time to visit the car boot sale in Chiswick, but really want something vintage and cool, Pelicans and Parrots is the solution. Besides Roccobarocco lime green trousers, Yves Saint Laurent shoes and Christian Dior shirts, they sell kitchenware and interior items. Sometimes it's hard to tell what is a decoration, and what is for sale. There are two Pelicans and Parrots in London: the original one and it's sibling, Pelicans and Parrots Black. My favorite is the second one. You have to ring the bell to get in, but it's not intimidating, since they let everyone in. The prices are little higher than in Beyond the Retro, but a real Mulberry bag is definitely worth it.


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