Hyde Park

London, Great Britain


Alexandra Boyarskaya

The most famous (and deservedly so) London Park. You get there by walking to the end of Oxford Street: carrying a million of plastic bags in your hands (the last five with the logo of Primark, Mecca of shoppers on a budget next to Marble Arch), with your feet throbbing, and wanting to eat a load of harmful food and lie down. McDonald's and several supermarkets across the street, and Speaker's Corner cafe with sandwiches inside the park. If you find the strength to walk around, you can see a lot more beautiful things. Serpentine lake with a cafe near Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, football, Modern Art Serpentine Gallery, mini-golf, petanque, and the monument to Peter Pan, which no one can ever find – it’s too small. And Kensington Gardens with a modest palace, the best in London playground and a flat circular lake.


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