Hogarth House

London, Great Britain


Irina Kikina

If you are a fan of British humor whether it's Monty Python or newspaper cartoons, be sure to visit the house of William Hogarth, the artist who turned caricature into high art. Walking through his former country house in Chiswick district, we can learn how the artist lived and created. Hogarth’s works are also displayed. For example the series “Marriage à-la-mode” ridicules aristocratic society morals and tells a story about ill-considered marriage for money: from signing a contract to the death of the husband and wife. The Earl dies in a duel, the Countess commits suicide and their little daughter has syphilis.
When you’ve had enough of Hogarth’s gloomy pictures and prints, head to a nearby park with magnificent mulberry trees. Once the artist’s family had a tradition to bake mulberry pies and give them to homeless children who sometimes took shelter at Hogarth’s house.


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