His and Hers

London, Great Britain


Olga Steb

Deptford High Street has one of the best-known graffitis in Deptford painted in 2002 by Patricio Forrester from Artmongers team. The artist drew inspiration from a shape of two buildings with chimneystacks standing in intimate proximity to each other. Patricio painted the facades in pink and added just a few details, a tie and a necklace, thus creating a recognizable portrait of a man and a woman. The graffiti is on a square that every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. hosts a big flea market. Here they sell second-hand clothes, antiques and food, especially ethnic Caribbean dishes and exotic fruits. There is a chance, however, of coming across something really cool among useless and trashy things, such as vintage Hornsea chinaware or the 1950s duffle coat at a ridiculous price that would be incredible for Shoreditch or Dalston.


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