Hamleys Toyshop

London, Great Britain


Harriet Wiseman

In 1760 William Hamley decided that he was going to open the finest toyshop in the world and his store on Regent Street has certainly gained an exceptional reputation over the globe. Set across 7 floors there are thousands of toys for children of all ages and with a huge variety of interests. The best part however, is that most of the toys have a working model open and available to be played with right there and then in the store! You can happily spend as long as you want exploring each floor and playing with any toy that takes your fancy. There are also demonstrators that do magic trick displays, as well as incredible things with the toys themselves. Visiting Hamleys is free and there are often fun meet and greets arranged like the cast of Ben10 or the penguins from the film Madagascar, all of the details can be found on the shop website.


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