Freud Museum

London, Great Britain


Irina Kikina

Freud Museum is a mansion, where in 1939 Sigmund Freud moved with his family from Vienna, to escape German occupation. Freud's office with the legendary couch, on which patients opened the depth of their unconscious, has remained untouched. The chair by the sculptor Henry Moore, where the psychoanalyst used to work, also remained in its original condition, as well as his daughter Anna's room, who was the founder of ego psychology (which betrayed her father's work).
Here, you can again get convinced how well read the founder of psychoanalysis was: there are thousands of books and archeological finds. The most interesting one is the picture of one of his most popular patients, a Russian aristocrat Sergei Pankejeff better known as the wolf-man. Pankejeff tried to depict his recurring nightmare: wolves, sitting on a large tree and picking inside his bedroom window. This story not only became the foundation for the study of the castration complex, but also a starting point for all psychoanalysis of modern art.


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