John Latham Archive and Foundation

London, Great Britain


Irina Kikina

I really enjoy a small museum of British conceptual artist John Latham, who is known primarily for his exhibitions of dissect books. The museum is located in the house where the master lived for over 20 years. Today, the archive of his work is stored there, as well as the research centre. The museum looks nothing like what we think of a “house-museum”. It functions as a living organism, the “body” of the artist. The museum is divided into several “organs”. For example, there is “the Face”, “the Brain”, “a Hand”. Besides the archive and Latham's collection, there are multiple exhibits, as well as lectures and even movies. Right now they are showing Latham's play “The Government of the First and Thirteen's Chair”. Unfortunately, the museum is open by appointment only, and is pretty far from the centre, in South London. But it's definitely worth visiting.


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