Exhibition Road

London, Great Britain

Harriet Wiseman

Exhibition Road received its name after the Great Exhibition of 1851, which was organised by Prince Albert as a celebration of modern industrial technologies and design that was held in Hyde Park at the Northern end of the street. The exhibition was a platform for all the nations of the world to come together and show off their greatest achievements in art, design, science and innovation. This passion for industry and advancement is still very much at the heart of Exhibition Road today with the small area in which it is at the heart of is often referred to as Albertopolis after the Prince.
This is an important cultural part of London and there will be something for each person’s taste and interests in one of the museums. It is art and design that reigns at the V&A Museum, with their extensive collections and well-curated shows. At the Natural History Museum there is a world-class compilation of dinosaur bones and it is full of clever ways to help us retrace the history of our planet and imagine what our future here might look like. The Science Museum is all about interactivity, combining technologies and games for an experiential display of the wonder of science and the knowledge that its discoveries have brought us. All of these museums are free to enter although they do have a few special exhibitions within them that you have to pay to enter. Each institution is suitable for all ages as they have such a wide range of items and information on offer, you are sure to find something to entertain every member of your party.


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