Dove Freehouse

London, Great Britain


Ksenya Fish

My favorite pub Dove on Broadway Market offers the best selection of beer in east London, but it’s a Bloody Mary Cocktail you need to come here for. Bloody Mary is sharp and dense, with peppercorn on request, just for £6. If it seems too sharp, you need to mouth a stalk of celery generously provided to the load. At lunchtime it’s worthy to eat Benedict or Florentine eggs, which cost only £5.95, and helpful and demure chef will bring it to you with the utensils.
The interior somewhat resembles a European café with the mirrors of various shapes on the walls, and somewhat a kitschy diner. The most remarkable thing is a fake ceiling fresco by Michelangelo, it’s a pity that only a fragment! There is almost no one there during the day, only mommies with kids and girlfriends or the local drinkers, but in the evenings it gets crowdy. In the summer the terrace is full of motley people, mostly of artistic orientation. Despite the fact that the pub is huge (three large rooms and two small ones), the majority of people prefer to stand or sit outside.
Checking into Dove on Saturdays, you can kill two birds with one stone: get to the farmer's market on Broadway, get a drink (since Londoners start drinking at brunch), and tumble a bit on the lawn of London Fields park. Apparently, you kill even three!


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