Black Friar Pub

London, Great Britain


Marina Yurcheva

Black Friar Pub is impossible to miss just because its building stands out from the whole Blackfriars area. Earlier it was surrounded by other buildings but eventually they were all destroyed and the iron shaped building with a black laughing friar statue adorning its façade became the lone survivor between two roads.
The pub was built in 1875 close to the place where in the 13th century there was a Dominican monastery giving the name to the whole area and later to a bridge and Tube station. In early 1960s it was planned to be demolished, but locals insisted on keeping the building and its architectural appeal was not the last among the reasons. The menu has no surprises – quite standard English pub menu. But you should visit the place to take a look at its interior. In 1904 it was remodeled with the obvious Art Nouveau influence: dark wooden walls are adorned with marble panels depicting joyful monks and satirical inscriptions 'Wisdom is rare', 'Finery is foolery', 'Don’t advertise, tell a gossip'. There is not much room in the pub: one room is filled with people standing at the bar and taking up all available space, and another room has tables that you can get only if you place a food order.


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