Battersea Park

London, Great Britain


Olga Steb

Battersea Park appeared in the 19th century on a spot where duels were often fought. Now it is a nice green area where one can rest from the city noise. Take a leasurly walk through it.
In its southern part there is a chain of lakes where Londoners ride boats and paddle boats during summer, from July to September. You can rent one, too, for 5-7 pounds, at a stand by the water. Near the embankment there is one of the most famous sights of the park, a Peace Pagoda. This is a buddist stupa built by Japanese monks in 1984 and a shrine for all buddists. The maintenance is done by a sole monk whom you can see nearby in the morning. The rest of the time the pagoda is uninhabited, and you can come up to it and walk around.


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