Angela Flanders

London, Great Britain


Irina Kikina

Angela Flanders shop is my secret spot. If someone asks what kind of perfume I'm wearing, I don't like telling where I got it. Angela Flanders is a real lady-perfumer who lives on the East side of London, and a Victorian style store is named after her. Her fragrances are very strong and bright, with the main advantage of being trendy and fashionable, not like a beaten Comme des Garçons. At the store, the perfumes are divided into three categories, which coincide with a size of a bottle. The smaller the bottle, the stronger the fragrance. You can also buy candles and essential oils with same fragrances. Everything is made in London, at the old factory Benthnal Green. You are almost guaranteed to run into the owner of the shop, so you really should stop by the shop, even if you aren't planning to buy anything.


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