Romantic night out in Cihangir

Istanbul, Turkey

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Глаша Макарова

Cihangir is the most romantic place in Istanbul with its quiet and cozy streets, flowerbeds on the balconies and lovely cafés where you loose track of time. It's perfect to rest after a busy day of sightseeing and too many impressions. However, there is always room for surprise and art – the place is so Paris and St.Pete like that it’s perfect for couples, artists, romantics or those who love things relaxed.


The name doesn't lie – the restaurant is located on the fifth floor with such a breathtaking view and veranda that you will forget about you’re their super delicious food. You will enjoy top cuisine, service and interiors and a diverse cuisine from Turkish to Mediterranean. Interiors can first seem overdecorated but let time pass and you will love the curves and details that make for a romantic and aesthetic atmosphere. If you want to dine by enormous windows, book the table in advance.

Smyrna Cafe

A tiny place in a quiet Cihangir street. A converted antique shop, it still has old leather sofas, cherry and oak tables and lots of floor lamps. Locals come here to have a drink before going to bed, but they offer great dinners. In the summer you can take one three outdoor tables – an idyllic oasis in this crazy city.

Cihangir Merdivenleri

The unexpected view attracts students with guitars, couples and the neighborhood residents who know the place. Apart from the stunning sea and city view, you can enjoy some local wine going down the stairs and sitting on the lawn – there are plenty of shops to buy it. The place is really romantic and this vibe intensifies when the twilight comes down and city lights shine on.


This cozy and minimalistic cafe and bar is loved by movie and theater actors and bohemian musicians and artists so you can imagine the atmosphere. Here people talk with strangers and have heated debates about art without even knowing each other's names. The bar serves the good old classics and the food is traditional, simple and affordable.


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