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Istanbul, Turkey

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Глаша Макарова

Long distances between the two bridges over Bosporus on the Asian side welcome you with green and shadowy parks, groves and splendid palaces that are reached by quite a few tourists. Don't miss breathtaking views of Bosporus, secret trails and mystic chambers of Ottoman sultans. Find the insider's guide into the Asian side in our list.

Beylerbeyi Palace

The sultan’s summer palace on the bank of Bosporus stands by the pillars of the first bridge. It has a lovely shadowy garden, well groomed trees and a rare bamboo forest. Get the permission to walk to the very water where Ottoman noblemen used to disembark and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Strait in the company of ships and strong winds.

Sabanci Öğretmen Evi (Teachers' House)

The Teachers' House café boasts no tourists but a wonderful view of the Bosporus Bridge and ruins of the fortress on the other side. Cast iron lace of chairs and tables, lush flower garden and socially-oriented prices make it a perfect resting point in the company of fish and seagulls that swarm by.

Küçüksu Palace

Küçüksu is a miniature carved palace built in the 19th century by the waters of Bosporus. This land belonged to Ottoman sultans who built their wooden palaces with gardens and groves here. The renovated palace boasts of external decoration – it is so beautiful that walking around you will have this crazy idea to make it smaller and put into your pocket.

Big Chefs

One of a few places in the area with smart design and menu. Add the bridge and the canal view (with private yachts) and get a very popular and packed place. The food is American, Mediterranean and Turkish and really delicious. And their coffee and desserts are beyond reproach: you will be dreaming of their banana split long after the visit.

Mihrabat Korusu

Walk around to enjoy the view of the bridge over Bosporus, smell the pines, have some tea or strong Turkish coffee. Weekends are usually wedding times when some areas will be closed but you have a chance to spot newlyweds or watch the ritual, which quite an experience. But no toasts to newlyweds – the local cafe is owned by the municipality, which is quite conservative about selling alcohol.

Khedive Palace

A beautiful park and a charming art nouveau building was constructed by Italian architects as the residence of the Egyptian ruler who relied on the Ottoman Empire in the early 20th century. Today the first floor is taken by a restaurant and a cafe but you can walk around to see the interiors due to which it is a popular filming and wedding location. Took the big loop across the park – take from the very entrance to the right and finish by the mansion. On your way you will see a big waterfall, a spot with Bosporus view and lots of exotic birds and flowers. The place is indeed wonderful.


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