The best shops and cafes by the Galata Tower

Istanbul, Turkey

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Глаша Макарова

The Galata Tower is a must-see on every tourist's list regardless your age or interests. However, many are confused once they step down. To find top spots in this district with a very special atmosphere that gained much due to tourists (shops, places to eat and clubs) check our list. Foreigners are welcomed.

Galip Dede Street

If you love musical instruments and everything related walk along this street full of music wonders. Here you can get anything: from a mediator to old domra or oud. If you are into guitars you’ll enjoy a great choice. Vendors are chatty and extravagant and the street is packed – many tourists come from the nearby Istiklal attracted by local souvenir shops so they are not your competitors.

OT Cafe

This little cafe belongs to the eponymous humor journal and serves food and cartoons, the craft much developed in the country. Pop in to assess lovely industrial design and the overall vibe.

Atelier 55

If you don't have much time, head to the Galata Tower in Serdar-ı Ekrem – it has some nice shops, but the best one is Atelier. Biker boots, mini dresses, bracelets, neon pants – it's hard to say what's on sale but you will certainly buy something. Buyers flock the place to get some nice local designers. Among the racks you can suddenly spot a porcelain coffee pot or a painting by a local artist. Before buying a see-through onesie, have some coffee in a cafe outside.


A lovely and affordable place by the ancient Tünel underground funicular, Helvetia offers homemade cuisine and is loved by vegetarians. Interiors are laconic to use the maximum of space and food is usually gone in hours. How it works: every day they cook a set, you choose, get your plate filled and enjoy sitting at a tiny table and praising their prices.


Sensus is an atmospheric wine boutique split into a shop with great, mostly Turkish wines, including those from the local winery, and cheeses from all over the country. The other part is restaurant offering some wines from the store range with light appetizers or a full fledged yummy dinner. A table is impossible to get without reservation so make one at least three days ahead or you will spend the night waiting by the bar.

Nardis Jazz Club

The jazz place by the Galata Tower – it's popular and the owners know that. Watch out or you'll be seated at the worst table and pay double for the tickets. Rip-off managers benefit good taste of the organizers – they arrange great concerts, so go there without even checking the schedule.


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