Vintage Stockholm: The SoFo Route. Curated by Emelie E. Leijon

Stockholm, Sweden

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The SoFo are is home for some of Södermalm’s best vintage finds. Next door to coffee shops, restaurants and bars, you’re sure to find a wide selection of goods from the past centuries, in what used to be the worker’s area of town.

Emelie E. Leijon, owner of the blog En blommig tekopp, and overall second hand and vintage genius, will act as your best friend through this guide. Follow her along on a typical vintage hunting day in SoFo.

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Gildas is located right in the heart of SoFo. It is the ultimate place for a get together with a friend. The velvety couches and Moroccan tile floors will make you feel right at home. Try one of their homemade pies to go with your coffee. Here, you're cup is best served in traditional manners: Black, or with a splash of milk.

Urban Deli

This is truly one of Stockholm’s most iconic SoFo delis – well visited by locals with an eco friendly mindset. Urban Deli is run by a set of friendly staff members, and offers local produce, organic food, and delicacies from the world, as well as a bar and restaurant just around the corner. Enjoy a freshly squeezed juice from the shop's small hole in the wall-serving window, or buy a bouquet of fresh cut flowers. If you happen to be here in fall, make sure you enjoy one of Sweden's simplest delicacies – home grown apples.


Repris Stockholm (“Rewind” or “Rerun”, in English) is a great place for some eye goodies for your home or closet. In here, clothes as well as furniture and porcelain are to be found. The owner of the store, a man who always has a smile on his face, is very accommodating, answering your questions and helps you find whatever you’re looking for.

This place is right by the hustle and bustle of SoFo, but might be a bit calmer than the most obvious vintage stores in the area. A good recommendation for a luxurious vintage stop.

Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro is a vintage store chain with several stores throughout the city. Their stores are filled to the brim with clothes from various centuries, as well as the own newly produced brand (tote bags) and new remakes of vintage clothing.
Here’s a good place to find decently priced shoes. Also, this place is the holy grail of sequins.

The crowd coming here is local as well as international visitors. It's surely one of Stockholm's most well visited vintage stores.


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