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Although traditional Swedish cuisine is not too sophisticated, it offers delicious but quite simple fish, meat and potato dishes prepared to old recipes. Modern food culture is at a very high level here. Swedes know that the main guarantee of good taste is a combination of fresh ingredients and a skillful chef. Stockholm cafés and restaurants will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Here are some places you should definitely visit.

Mellqvist Kaffebar

The place is said to have the best coffee in town. Mellqvist Kaffebar is also famous for its cardamom scones and breakfasts. You should definitely try their egg sandwich – a real Swedish classics. It's a bit crowded during winter, for it is not too spacious. But in the warmer months, as the summer terrace is open, you can choose to sit where you like.

Bondens egen Marknad

If you find yourself in Stockholm eager to cook by yourself, do visit Bondens egen Markand open on Saturday noon in Tissen Park. It combines most different farmers selling vegetables, fruits, herbs, mushrooms, nuts, meat, fish and other products. Everything is grown by the farmers themselves. Friendly oldies and aunties will be excited to tell you all about carrots and radishes, and share some nice recipes.


This year-round indoor market occupies a somewhat beautiful building of the 90s. It offers fresh food products and a large selection of ready meals – filling lunch boxes, various snacks and specialties. Don't miss the shop selling knäckebröd, traditional Swedish crisp bread – it is really useful during self-guided tours. By the way, you can buy fresh fish and game at Söderhallarna and prepare meals by yourself.

Nystekt strömming

Stockholm classics as it is. Nysteckt strömming is a stall specializing in different kinds of fried herring. It is quite popular with the locals, as it offers tasty, healthy and cheap snacks. Be it a traditional Swedish rye crisp bread, burger, mashed potatoes, red onion, pickled cucumber, dill or cowberry jam – everything comes with fried herring, and a really fine herring it is, I must say. Sit down at a round table next to the stall and enjoy the local lifestyle!


Inspired by classic Viennese and Parisian cafes, Wienercaféet offers light snacks like pancakes with champagne or a coffee with dessert, and also a variety of filling hot meals. By the way it is quite unusual for Stockholm, where all the outlets are strictly divided into 'for a cup of coffee', 'for snack and beer' and 'for a full meal'. Its pastry chef, tired of working at the best Stockholm restaurant, is now a culinary head of the café. So no wonder that the reviews range from 'divine' to 'amazing'. Be prepared to wait for a table, especially in the evening and during weekends.


A Michelin star and innovative Scandinavian cuisine for a rather reasonable price (for such a restaurant). Instead of a traditional menu Gastrologik offers a variety of dishes, which changes depending on food products available at the moment. The concept says 'Let Today's Produce Decide'. Waiters will tell you all about the meals they offer. Later you can get the same descriptions by email. It will be wise to plan your dinner beforehand, and spend at least two hours at the restaurant to carefully explore every taste combination. Also if you have allergy or antipathy to any type of food, please inform the staff when booking a table.


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