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Stockholm, Sweden

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Anna Bichevskaya

Fancy restaurants won't give you an idea of the real taste of Stockholm. Market cafes, small eateries and home shops definitely will. See the outlets with most mouthwatering food in our collection.


The market features outdoor and indoor areas. The latter is most exciting. It combines market stalls and bar counters. Chefs cook falafel and kebabs, souvlaki and fried fish right in front of you. Kajsas Fisk is famous for its fish and seafood dishes. You'll have to pick meals at random though, for the menu is written in Swedish. You may find yourself eating seafood chowder soup, grilled salmon fillet, or salmon in cream sauce dressed with boiled potatoes. Here you'll meet middle-aged female tourists, Afro-American hippies and locals in suits and ties. Meals are served pretty fast. Average bill is 300SEK. By the way, they offer free helping to a soup.

Bondens egen Marknad

If you find yourself in Stockholm eager to cook by yourself, do visit Bondens egen Markand open on Saturday noon in Tissen Park. It combines most different farmers selling vegetables, fruits, herbs, mushrooms, nuts, meat, fish and other products. Everything is grown by the farmers themselves. Friendly oldies and aunties will be excited to tell you all about carrots and radishes, and share some nice recipes.

Östermalms Saluhall

The main market of the country is situated near Nybroplan berth. It is among top ten markets in the world. You won't find a better place for 'fika' (a coffee & bun break). Its red brick building was constructed in 1888, which was a real breakthrough back then. Everyone from Swedish housewives to Royal Court chefs came here for fresh fish, vegetables and rare herbs.
Walk through the rows of shopping stalls, try skagenrora (Swedish shrimp cocktail) at Lisa Elmqvist Restaurant, taste an excellent smoothie at Planet Food and some Betsy Sandberg chocolate cooked to a hundred-year-old recipe.
Traders work here for decades, and some of them even hand their businesses down from generation to generation. Prices might be even higher than at the restaurants, but you just can't leave Östermalms Saluhall without buying anything.

Urban Deli

Restaurant, bar and a small grocery store in a perfect package. Everything is simple, self-restrained and unconditionally delicious. The restaurant is a nice place to dine with one's parents, the bar – great choice for a romantic dinner. The store offers dozens of cheeses, fresh pastries and chocolate candies. You should see how cutely they pack porridge. Funny thing: many locals come here to buy presents. For instance, it would be a good courtesy to bring a jar of Urban Deli jam to a dinner party.


This sweet-shop offers simply packed handmade caramel candies. It looks like a store from the 30's: sellers with old-fashioned hairstyles wearing skirts below the knee, smooth jazz flowing from the speakers, magazine illustrations on the walls, and that unbelievable caramel scent. By the way candies are prepared by the last century recipe. The shop sells not only caramels, but the mood, and it is worth a lot.

Rosendals Tradgard Cafe

You won’t find a better place for lunch in Stockholm than Rosendals Café, cozily hid in the garden of the same name. The outlet is located in greenhouses, so it is always warm in there. In summer and in early autumn you can pick a table right in the garden under 150-year-old apple trees. The menu changes daily. Everything is homemade: salads, soups, sandwiches, and pastries. All the products are organic: healthy and delicious vegetables and fruits are grown in these very greenhouses, or bought from Swedish farmers. Bread is cooked in the café's own bakery. For a drink you can order local organic vine or beer. All products are available for purchase at the nearby garden store.


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